Our food and beverage offering suit the demands of professional meetings and include seasonal as well as regional meals and drinks.

We offer a generous breakfast buffet for your start into a successful day (included for our overnight guests, for all others individually bookable, 9€ per person).  We offer various mueslis and milk products, jams, cold cuts and cheese as well as a selection of bread and rolls as well as coffee/tea and juices.  Fresh egg dishes are prepared on request.

Regain your energy at our daily changing lunch buffet (€14,50 per person). Two soups of the day to choose from, a main dish as well as a vegetarian alternative will give you some fresh energy for the rest of your day. A salad buffet, some dessert and fruit are also included if you prefer to have a snack.

To round up your successful day, we recommend our cold buffet (€9,50 per person), which includes cold cuts, cheese, bread/rolls and butter as well as 2 fresh salads. Optionally there is also a dinner buffet (€ 14, 50 per person).

During your conferences we gladly serve the following non-alcoholic drinks:

  • Mineral water (o,2l bottle) at € 1,30
  • Still water (o,25l bottle) at € 1,60
  • Sinalco-Cola (0,2l bottle) at € 1,70
  • Sinalco-Orange (0,2l bottle) at € 1,70
  • Apple juice (0,2l bottle) at € 1,70
  • Orange juice (0,2l bottle) at € 1,90

(On request we also provide a wide selection of alcoholic beverages)

For your coffee break we recommend:

  • Pot of coffee/tea (8 cups) at € 11,20 per pot
  • Open Sandwich at € 2,50 per sandwich
  • Bagels, with various toppings at € 2,50 per bagel
  • Fresh soft pretzels at € 2,10 per pretzel
  • Flat cakes at €2,30 per piece
  • Fruit basket (whole fruits) at  € 2,10 per person
  • Fresh fruit salad at € 2,70 per portion

Biscuits at € 1,00 per person