WESER5 Diaconical Centre

Herberget gern! (in English: Preferred Hosts )

This is the motto of Germany’s oldest Hotel cooperation (VCH). Risen from the hospices movement, this was the godfather of a “very special” project.

The VCH-Hotel Spenerhouse and the WESER5 Diaconical Centre, two “accommodation facilities” who could not be more different, support each other in various campaigns. Despite all differences between the 3-star town- and meeting-hotel and the transitional home with included day-time shelter there is one important common point – the human being-!

Main point of work for the WESER5 Diaconial Centre are homeless men. Here they can get all the help in difficult life situations under one roof - in the midst of Frankfurt’s “Bahnhofsviertel”. This includes the day shelter as well as street work, consulting and a transitional home with the possibility for emergency overnight stays. The ones who already managed to find a new flat are supported by the ecumenical social service – because a new start often proves to be difficult.

The forms of support are as diverse as the two businesses their selves. Besides experience exchanges (for example in the form of internships) and co-hosted events, the Spenerhouse also conceptiualises special seasonal offers for overnight stays. 10% of the money earned with these offers goes to WESER5.